Castellano - Català

Restaurant Sant Antoni

La Carta

Gazpacho (in season) 6.60
salad 6.60
Catalan salad 8.95
Roasted 7.30
Tomato and onion salad with tuna and balsamic vinaigrette 9.90

Warm salad of goat cheese and honey rosemary 8.80

Quinoa and vegetable salad with mustard vinaigrette 12.45

Diced marinated salmon with truffle 12.25
Tuna cubes marinated 12.25
Diced marinated cod 12.25
Assorted marinated diced 12.25
Smoked salmon rolls stuffed with fresh salmon tartare 12.25

Assorted Cheese tasting 14.00
Assortment of sausages Osona 9.90
Shavings of Iberian 18.95
Cantabrian anchovies 13.35
Toast with anchovies 9.35
Toast with tomato Iberian 16.85
Mini sandwich of fried calamari with aioli its red 4.75

Timbale of mashed potatoes with roasted natural and goat cheese 9.10

Fried eggs with fried potatoes and Iberian 10.85
Baked Camembert with Herbes de Provence 7.85
Cannelloni Ricard Planas and 8.80 Laffitte
Chicken croquettes and Iberian 7.70
Coca crispy pastry with foie gras, caramelised apple and onion 14.50

Screws can Boveri in Lleida 11.90
Screws vine a little spicy stews 11.05
Paellas Y ARROCES (min 2 pers.) PANS AND RICE
Paella 13.50
Rice with lobster 19.95
Rice crabs 14.50
Scorched rice with prawns 14.50
fideua 13.50
Asados ​​GUISADOS O – O roasted STEWS
Pig’s trotters with mushrooms 10.15
Rack of lamb with mashed low temperature and Iberian bacon 22 hours at 65 ° 16.60

Garry confit low temperature 14.50
½ shoulder of lamb 17.95
Breaded goat ribs 13.20

Sweet cheek of veal with mushrooms 11.40
Squid, black pudding, caramelised onion, tomato jam ink aioli 13.50

Cocotte of cuttlefish with beans and bacon 13.50

Cod with ratatouille au gratin with aioli 16.90
Cod tripe 16.90
Tuna tataki 14.50
Squids Andalusian 10.25
Sole Meunière 16.90
Fan shrimp breaded with kikos 10.50
steak with grilled
Grilled vegetables 8.95
chicken 8.95
rabbit 8.95
Lamb ribs 14.90
Trotters 8.95
Sausage Osona 8.95
Black pudding 8.95
Churrasco Beef 11.95
Sirloin steak (500g) 18.90
Sirloin steak 19.50
300g. Homemade beef burger 100 10.50%
Trio of Burgers: foie gras, blue cheese and onions 12.50
“T-bone” 1Kg Approx. (Bone and fat) 33.60
16.90 cod
sole 16.90
Turbot 16.90
Barbecued octopus with potatoes, garlic and sweet pepper Vera 16.90
bream 14.90

SALSAS truffle (Boletus) and Cabrales D.O. 2.55
aioli 2.05
Service pa 1.75

Supplement terrace 10 %