Castellano - Català

Restaurant Sant Antoni



  • SOUP WITH Christmas cookies 9.50
  • Cannelloni Boxing 9.90
  • Shrimp salad and mushrooms 16.5
  • SEAFOOD SOUP 10.50
  • THOUSAND SHEETS foie gras and apples with vanilla oil 16.50
  • Chips Iberico 19.50
  • Stews 13.5
  • ½ Lamb BAKED 17.95
  • Shoulder BAKED GOAT 24,50
  • BEEF STEAK (grilled mushroom Or CABRALES) 21.5
  • COD 19,50
  • CUT TO TURBO 19.50
  • SOLE 19.90
  • TURRONES and wafers 8.00
  • CAKE 7.50
  • Ice cream and sorbet 7.00

Christmas in the Catalan region has its own peculiarities . An example is the implementation of the crib (which is also in many other parts of Christian tradition ) and another Nadal’s uncle ( a tradition shared with Aragon and Occitan ) , also called trunk , trunk or just ment . So is the fact celebrate Boxing Day , the day after Christmas , in order to be reunited with the other party and family who had not been able to be at Christmas . On this special day the kids say a verse and instead give parents some diners.El typical menu of Catalan culture by Christmas day is soup and stews first and second cut . The soup is a broth that is very complete with all kinds of meat ( beef , pork, chicken , boiled black, white bull … ) , as well as the traditional ball ( mince , garlic and parsley ) , potatoes and chickpeas . First , therefore, the broth is served with pasta grains ( typical Christmas ) table and removes all meat stew that used to be served soup finished . Second , according to tradition should be served cut, ie meat. The most common is that it is baked chicken or steak or roast . This meal is often accompanied by champagne or wine . For dessert serve nougat and neules.Nadal includes other festivals such as New Year and Three Kings that between five and six days of January, brings gifts to all children . In the Latin world , also celebrated the day of the Holy Innocents .

Moreover on 26 December is the feast of St. Stephen , also known as the Second Christmas Party or Second Christmas Day , during which are also typical family Christmas celebrations .